The ECO ARAL project and the FairWild Foundation conducted a three-day field trip to assess local liquorice companies in the Republic of Karakalpakstan. The licorice plant is famous for its sweet roots, which are the largest export product of Karakalpakstan in Uzbekistan. The objective of the field trip was to assess and prepare companies to receive the sustainable wild certification based on the FairWild standard, a significant step towards accessing international markets.

The experts Elizabeth Ruegg and Luke Heller traveled from Germany to Uzbekistan and visited seven companies in districts of Karakalpakstan. They were in Kegeyli, Nukus, Shimbay and Takhtako’pir for meetings with liquorice suppliers and processors. The assessment is a first step towards the FairWild certification, which ensures sustainable wild collection and regeneration of the licorice roots as well as a high standard for root collectors and workers.

After the field visits, a workshop with all visited companies was held to discuss the environmental, social, cultural, and ethical business requirements for the FairWild certification and to present the initial results of the field trips to interested companies in Karakalpakstan.